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will save you money, save the environment and
save your failing leach field at the same time.
Would it give you peace of mind knowing that
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Old Septic Tank Deteriorates, Poses Danger

A homeowner walked out one morning to find this hole in their yard.  This is an old metal septic tank whose lid rotted and collapsed overnight.  This could have been a tragedy had it happened during the day while the children were playing in the yard, or while the homeowner was out mowing the lawn.  A child, adult or even a pet could have drowned had they fallen thru this hole into the septic tank.  Yet another reminder that “Out of sight, out of mind.” is NOT a good idea when it comes to keeping tabs on your septic system.  This family was lucky.  DON’T COUNT ON LUCK!  If you haven’t done so recently, PLEASE have your septic system checked BEFORE anything happens.  This is especially important if you have an older home whose septic system has not been inspected in quite some time.

Rotted Tank Lid Collapsed and Created this Hole in the Yard

About an 18 inch hole was created when the lid of this old septic tank rotted away and collapsed in this yard. A pet, child or adult could have fallen into this hole and drowned in the septic tank.

In The News — Popular Bathroom Wipes Blamed for Sewer Clogs

A recent article appeared on the MSN News website.  It discusses how bathroom, baby wipes,
moist towelettes and the like are wreaking havoc for cities and towns across the nation.  Keep
in mind, that if municipalities are having these kinds of problems with these materials, what
kind of issues would they pose in your septic system?  Our advice is to keep these materials
out of your septic tank.  Take a look at our Septic Do’s and Dont’s page.  By following these
simple guidelines, you can keep your septic system running efficiently and avoid problems.

To read the article, click here.

Protect your septic system before it backs up!

We’ll sit down with you to analyze the demands you’re putting on your septic system.  We’ll
show you how to avoid a system failure that could result in a costly (and stinky) mess.  When
you protect your septic system, your family and the environment, you too, are Truly Green.

If you live in Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Westchester, Ulster, Sullivan or Putnam County,
please call Truly Green at (845) 895-2501.

Our septic services can help you with:

  • Septic Tank Pumpings (Routine or Emergency)
  • Honest Septic System Inspections for Old and New Homes
  • Written Report of System’s Performance with Every Pumping
  • Installing Riser Pipe & Lids on Septic Tanks
  • Poly Septic Tank Replacement
  • Digless Leachfield Repair – a Truly Green Process
  • Micro Aerobic Bacteria Maintenance Program – a Truly Green Process
  • Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Unit Installations
  • Porta-Potty Servicings
  • Grease Trap Servicings/Pumpings
  • Sewer/Septic Pump Repairs/Replacements (also Effluent Pumps)

If you’re not sure that your septic tank has failed, or is failing, here are some signs
of a failing septic system:

  • Back-up in house or gurgling noise/slow flush.
  • Dark green grass over leach field area.
  • Septage odor – inside or outside the house.
  • Septic water surfacing in yard.
  • Sludge on top of baffles in septic tank (poop don’t jump).

We offer low cost septic services, and are environmentally friendly, which makes
us Truly Green!

Call us today for a consultation, or for Emergency Septic Tank Pumping.
FHA backed financing is also available.

Our Septic Service covers Orange County, Sullivan County, Ulster County, Dutchess County, Rockland County, Westchester County and Putnam County in the Hudson Valley New York Region.

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